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AFOA | Oct 16 – 17


AFOA | Oct 16 – 17



Speaker Presentations:
Rendered Products Forum

Dr. Jennifer Martin: Animal Protein and Trends in Pet Food
*Ryan Standard: Industry News and Markets
*Kent Swisher: Trade Implications of Tariffs on Rendered Products
Outlook Seminar

Stefan Vogel: Global Outlook on Agriculture
Biofuels Forum

Paul Argyopoulos: The EPA’s Approach to the Renewable Fuels Industry
Kurt Kovarik: State of the Biomass Based Diesel Market
Jason Schwenneker: US and Global Trends and Forecast
Industry Wide Panel Discussion

John Lynch: How Soybeans Oil Futures have been Bullied
*Rodrigo Suarez: US Trucking
Eric Larson: Wall Street Valuation of the Agriculture Sector

*Presentations requested from Speakers. Will update as received.*

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